3d STL Models for CNC router girl USA

3d STL Models for CNC router girl USA

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3 d model girl USA

ATTENTION! This item is a DIGITAL 3D model (*STL file format) for ARTCAM, ASPIRE, CUT3D software applications. For CNC Routers.
Not a vectric, not a bitmap file, not a G-code. NOT material wooden or plastic stuff.

This product is designed for CNC machining.

You will receive model in *.rar format,
which opens and unzip with program WINRAR

After unzipping you will have model 3d model in *.stl formats.

You cannot sell, rent, give away model.
Model cannot distributed to third parties in any media, including,
cd, dvd uploaded to websites, ftp sites, transmitted in any electronic way.
This restriction applies to individuals, corporate organisations,
government organisations, non-profit organisations, schools,
hospitals, prisons etc.
You also cannot include model in another design or in any format,
or give them away for free.